Animating Uv textures


   I'd first like to appologize for this question before hand.  Does anyone know where I can find a tutorial that covers in detail the process of animating a UV texture?  Ive searched everywhere for tutorials, and what little documentation I have found has been very brief overall.  Any help would be appreciated.


can you animate uv textures?

whoa, I guess you can

I don’t know of a tut on it, but there are two ways to animate all textures

one is by moving the coordinates around, another is by having an animated texture.

as the latter [animated texture] is documented pretty well [mostly it is just all those buttons in the image texture buttons], I will be rambling about how to animate the texture coordinates

one common way is to map to an object which you animate using keyframes

other than that you can insert keyframes on most material properties, such as the offset, material color, spec color, spec value, size…

so, press the I key, choose ofs to keyframe the offset

and it works for uv mapped textures too

if you want to see/mess with the ipo curves you need to switch to the material curves in the ipo window:

Here is one: