Animating UV textures

I am trying to animate a texture on an object. I have several different coloured areas which need to be highlighted during the animating, each fading in and out. Each is on a UV map. I had tried adding each as a texture on one material mapped to UV and then fiddling with the RGB IPOs in the texture settings, then after that didn’t work I tried putting each on different materials and animating the RGBs for each material (i.e first attempt, one material, many textures; second attempt, many materials, each with one texture.

Neither seem to work. I have searched for animated textures but all I can find is procedural textures.

Can anyone help? Many thanks.

You might try selecting ‘all mapping’ when setting keys on the material in the texture channels. I noticed just setting for ‘rgb’ only affected the actual material color, not saving the texture ‘col’ value I was trying to key frame.

Working now. Cheers!