animating values of compositing nodes

I’m probably missing something obvious, but I simply cant find it. I just want to animate the the blur in one of my composites over time. So I thought I’d generalize the question a bit and ask how you animate any of the values of the composite filters/nodes.

I think you can add a Time node to the size socket of your blur node, then maybe that will affect your blur over the span of the frames. Not sure if all nodes are capable of this, but I might try later to see what happens.

I have experimented with the time node, but its more of an “al or nothing” feature. When using the time node you get to specify a range of frames, when within the range the effect is 100% when out of the range its 0%. I’m looking for a more gradual transition from blur 0 to 10. If its possible to animate the blending between 2 inputs of the mixnode I can work around this, but I havent found a way to do that.

You can “daisy chain” Time nodes together and edit the curves in them to achieve the effect you describe over a very broad frame range. You can also pipe the output from a time node into various Math nodes to generate non-normalized values if needed. Though there’s not a lot of fine control over the curves in Time nodes (not like IPO curves, for instance) there is some ability to created defined modulations.

I’m currently rendering out an animated blur effect that uses this principle, I’ll post the results later with a basic noodle layout you can use to see the process.

Did you change the curve points inside the time node? I was able to graduate and then maximize the effect based on the curve I drew inside the node. By just moving the points on the right and left you can make a straight interpolation, but it is more fun to ctrl-click in different spots and see what happens :slight_smile:

Thank you that was all I needed, I knew I was overlooking something obvious. :D:o

Check this thread for the example I mentioned above: