Animating Vertexes? (Quake 2 MD2)

Is there any instructions online or examples of vertex animation for md2 file formats? I created a game engine from scratch using OpenGL and it only supports 3DS, vmf, and md2 file format at the moment. I looked and tried Misfits 3D, but do I really need to move each vertex for each frame?

Its one big reason why I’m wondering if Blender 3D can do the job of animating the vertexes for me when I move the character’s arm for example.

Any help is appreciate!

Thank you, Andrew.

it is now years ago i tried my hands on it.
You make the animation in blender and the export-script
should store the movements of the vertices for each frame
to the md2-format. But i know, i had to change some things
when i only wanted to use object-animation without vertex-deformation.
I know that someone who did it, did not use blender at these days,
but that was years ago - and blender has changed a lot.
Have you already checked some irc-channels about it,
maybe for example those people still working and
enhancing the urban-terror mod, that is based on quake2.
Or the people doing the WorlOfPadman mod … and
at last the openarena-Project…