Animating Water Bending

I’m wanting to do a water bending effect for a mini-web series and can’t a good effect I want the water to change shape as it moves based on velocity and direction. Like in this image the faster it moves the more skinny and longer it gets.

I have a pretty wonky idea. Why don’t you put the body of water in a transparent obstacle and animate the rigid body according to the movements…?

Here’s a very very quick demo I’ve made for you. I couldn’t tweak it to perfection but this is a concept to show you it’s very possible.

Consider looking at this video and the comments:

Take a look at metaballs.

Metaballs are a good way to go in combination with animation nodes.
I tried also particles in combination with metaballs but it seems impossible to get a good control over the effekt the biggest problem with particles are the permanent emitter.

With animation nodes i can control scaling, saling along the curve normal, location along the curve (start and end position of the iterated object) and the best thing sinze the armature information node everything can be controlled by bones.

This effekt is not simple and it took me a while but once you get it its easy to use it.