Animating water in blender 2.5?

Hello, after learning blender for the past week I’ve decided to register here to solve a few questions I have. I’m a bit tired, but I’ll ask as I think of them. Hopefully I’m not too much of a bother. :slight_smile:

I really like the new interface in 2.5, it’s much less daunting than 2.4.

My main question right now is about animating water in blender 2.5. I’ve been reading this tutorial ( ) and the result looks great. The only issue is the last part -animating it. It says:

“For both wave texture channels create keyframes for the texture offset by pressing I with the mouse cursor over the material buttons and selecting Ofs in the pop-up menu. Then go to frame 100. Change ofsZ to 0.6 for both texture channels and create keyframes again. The ofsZ value influences the shape of the waves without shifting them along the water plane which lies in the XY plane.”

But in blender 2.5 I cannot find the menu he/she is speaking about. Could anybody help me here? To show how much knowledge I currently have in blender here’s a few renderings I’ve done below… FYI my hard ware is not the best for rendering animations ( C2D E4500 @ 3ghz and 4gb of ram, Windows 7 32bit and Mandriva Linux 64bit ).

Sorry for the long post. :wink: (may take a few minutes to buffer/download. . . server is under heavy load ATM ). Note that I didn’t make the mirror or sink, but that was a while ago. I could easily make those objects now :slight_smile:

The attached image is all me :slight_smile: I’m working on a game, sort of a safe-cracking game, where you are in a mansion that you’ve inherited, and you have to crack all the safes/puzzles on each floor. I primarily do web-development with Javascript/CSS/Perl, and other CGI. I’m using blender for the animations and to make it look nice. The attached image is what I have so far of a hallway in the game. I have several rooms done, and by answering the above question I hope to be able to move on with my development. I have about 48 room designs to go.

Thanks! :slight_smile:



In 2.5 the settings for offset are located in the texture mapping channel. I believe now that you simply have to hover over the field you want to keyframe and hit the I key