Animating Wheels

How would I go about easily animating wheels? Any tutorials anywhere?

It is just a little math knowledge. The magic formula is 2Pir.

  1. In Side view add Circle
  2. In frame 1 insert (ā€œiā€) key LocRot
  3. Move to frame e.g. 25
  4. Move your circle e.g. 2 Blender Units
  5. In frame 25 insert LocRot key
  6. In IPO editor find find Rot key of appropriate axe the circle should rottate. Probbaly it will be RotY
  7. Press Tab so you can edit point of this curve and choose your second point of curve
  8. Press N to get into Transform Propperties of the Curve
  9. The Ymax value should equal to 2Pir (Pi is 3,14, r is radius of your circle). If your wheel rotates backwards the number should be - minus

That is it. You may need to set Rot IPO curve as linear extrapolaited.

There are also other ways for example using stride bone -