Animating Wings (Mirror)

I can’t figure out a way to copy the bone movements from one wing to another so
that I wouldn’t have to key both wings separately. Any input on this would be much appreciated! Thanks…

Make sure your wing bones are labeled with .R and .L at the ends of there names, like so;

That way when you pose one wing you can use the copy and paste mirrored pose options. Blender uses .L and .R to understand which bones are on the left and right. Its also important to name the bones the exact same on each side aside from the .L and .R!

Make sure to select ALL the posed bones you wish to copy before pasting mirrored.

I hope this helps!

Thank you so much for this!

I had it named “Right” and “Left”, and copy and paste was acting all weird.
Meanwhile I did a workaround with bone constraints, where the ‘recalculate bone roll’ command
was crucial to perfectly mirror the bones.

Thank you again, your solution is very helpful and exactly what I need!


If you know what the Drives is, you may use that for animating the wings there, that might be easilier for that.