Animating with array and curve

Hi, i don’t know if i’m on the right category so please correct me if i’m wrong.
So i’m trying to make arrows moving on path exactly like the one in this video so i can modify the length, size and direction of the arrows based on what i’m trying to make, but i can’t get myself to achieve the same exact result.
I tried using array modifier and path / curve, but if i animate it, how can i make the start and the end of the path fade in and out so smoothly and on loop?
I’d really appreciate any suggestion on this matter, thank you.

Here is a simple way to animate along curve. Be sure that your object is subdivided enough to bend correctly.

Be sure to move the curve and the arrow together if you want to place them in a different area of your scene. (or parent the arrows to the curve)

Thank you for your quick and kind response, but i think you attached the wrong video?

corrected. it was a misssetting in OBS from my side… sorry

The ‘fit curve’ option really hits me, it’s been there this whole time, lol. Thanks a million!
So i guess theres no way to make it appear in and out continuously (on loop) from specific length (like in the video)? Or can it be achieve with different technique like using particle system?

just loop your curve out of the screen action. use Alt C to close curve
add points if necessary to tune the direction where they are comming from.

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Gonna try it out, thanks again! You’ve been very helpful.


sorry for the glitches… peek bug with my old computer.

be carefull to manage correctly the length of your curve so they ll be constant space in between arrows. you can see in the gif that the length is not a multiple of the arrow size. It results two arrows near in the total. to solve that, just move one of the “unvisible” point untill the gap is correct.

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