Animating with references

I find references help my modelling so much and I’m sure they would be helpful for animation too. So is there any way that you can animate something with a reference video as the background image in the 3d view? If not is there any other practical way of animating with references? Thanks. :smiley:

I remember there being some post about this before, but i couldn’t find it. %|

yes, in the background panel, instead of openning a image, select a texture block.
Considering you already created one.
To create one: open any material, it doesn’t matter which. And add a texture to it. Then goto texture button and add your movie, then switch the movie button on and set the start end frame. all that usefull option(refer to manual if needed) then unlink this texture by clicking (x) and go back in background and add it, it should give you same thing as an image, but changing on each frame change, just like a video.

A very simple way to do rotoscoping … thanks Gabio :smiley:

The nice thing about this technique is that it actually works!

Saved this text … that’s for sure.

what is the normal way of rotoscoping than?

Sweet! Thanks very much! :smiley:
It works beautifully.