Animating with root

So, i’ve been trying to learn to animate for a while now, but there is one problem i keep facing, and that is, when i actually move the character, the feet seems to be bouncing back and forward, rather than sticking to the ground.
i know one way to play around that is to animate the whole character forward, and not use the “root”, but that will be a LOT of extra work.

i’ve been playing around with the root, using the graph editor aswell, but i just cant seem to figure it out.

so my question is, how do you prevent the feet from bouncing when moving on a surface, and make then stick to the ground as it would in reality.

Are you using an IK type rig for your legs and feet - if not, then I suggest you do so as this makes the job sooooooo much easier!

Post your blend file or one with just your armature in it and we can help further.

Cheers, Clock.

ohh i actually started over… so i dont have the walk cycle anymore… and yes im using IKs, but the IK still follows the root.

Don’t move the root - that’s why it’s there, to anchor the IK targets, which should be parented to it although not connected.

Cheers, Clock.

but if i want to do a walk cycle, how do i then loop it? i thought i just made the cycle and then somehow moved the root wherever i wanted the character to move :confused:

You can just leave the root where it is, and keep moving the feet - they do not need to stay anywhere near the root bone.

Cheers, Clock.

Go with Clockmender’s advice. It is easier than you think.

If you are willing to pay a little money for animation lessons. I suggest going to Beorn Leonard’s animation lessons are top notch and probably the best starter animation lessons you can get for blender. From a personal note, those lessons have really helped me in the long run among the rest.

If you are working with a rigify generated rig or a rig that you got then you’re all set and ready to go. In my experience, it’s best to work in constant interpolation because it’s easier to plan out the animation in it. There are two ways to change it but for me going to the User preferences usually is the quickest. I’ll show you the steps.

Now every key from now on will be keyed into constant mode. To change your previous keys to constant go to your dopesheet or graph editor. Select all keys either by highlighting or pressing “A” a few times to get them all highlighted. Then press “T”.

From here I really suggest animation tutorials. If you take my advice though, Beorn’s animation lessons from Cgcookie can get you started quite much faster than trying to search of ways. Now adays I usually go for maya tutorials for a bit of help. This is only after I went through all of Beorn’s lessons.

I should have said:

If you want to move the body - do just that, move the body bone, to which the thighs are connected, also the neck, shoulders arms and head, but leave the root where it is - planted in the ground like a trees roots.

I suggest you have a play with a simple armature - post it here and we can do some animating on it for you to help you. I endorse what RodDavis said above, those tuts are really good.

Cheers, Clock.

clockmender, the armature can be imported using the riggify addon. im using the pitchboys metarig.
also, what you just explained means i have to do a LOT of moving, and i also have to move everything, witch is a Lot of data, and a lot of work…
all though i just had an idea, what if i start off by animating the root, and then animate the feet IK bones? and use the curve editor to make them stick to the ground, that way i can animate the root to go further, and the feet will stick to the ground, since its basically just looping at that point…

i will take a look at Rod’s post now.

i actually just bought that course, and it clears up a lot… so many tools i didnt know about, and much more effective workflows and methods… love it.