Animating with size and rotation

Hi, I am trying to rotate and change size of objects. Doing a loc change is easy however, having it animate AND rotate/change size at same time has got me stumped. Do I have to enter numerical changes in Blender somewhere? Or can this be done with the keyboard and mouse?

start out with pushing I-Key and hit LocRotSize and then move/size/rotate it as you want, then push I-Key again…and maybe before all that…move the timeline ahead in time :wink:

hard? noo, very easy :wink:

animating things like that in blender is very easy. You need to insert a key for whatever you want to change, and then change the frame and adjust the particular object, and insert another frame.

You will be amazed at what you can animate, from materials to the vertices of the meshes themselves.

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, it is pretty easy now that I know what to do.

By the way, how do I make an animation do a “slow in, slow out”?

Open an IPO window. Select the object you are animating and adjust the IPO curves.