animating with the automatic IK button

hi, with my rig, I selected the automatic IK button. I was truly amazed at how much easier it is to pose my mesh (i can’t understand how to set IK’s with a rig at ALL). Anyhow, I tried to run a quick animation with about 3-4 loc keys (only having to move one bone, thx to the automatic IK button). but, then, when I ran the animation, NOTHING moved! Does the automatic IK button not work with animation? If so, I’ll be really sad :frowning: .

hope I’m not right, :).

Any explanations?

When using it you need to select all bones in Pose mode for each I-Key (since there are no IK’s there are no [true] IK Chains).


thanks, Fligh %, but I’m encountering problems. Here’s what I did. I put auto ik on, and then I hit ‘a’ (selecting all the bones) and inserted a loc key. then I moved some frames forward, and moved a bone (which caused the others to rotate too, then I inserted another loc key (again with all bones selected). Still no animation. What am I doing wrong?

Loc won’t do anything since the Locations of the bones remain the same relative to one another (Automatic IK is not relative to the Rest Position). You need to use Rot as each bone’s Rotation changes relative to its neighbours.