Animating World Textures

Hi all,

I’ve got a question concerning animating a world texture. When I first started using blender, I primarily did space animations. For the space background, I would create a clouds texture for the world, changing a bunch of settings to get the clouds to look like stars. Back then, I would animate my space ships flying or whatever, and if I would pan the camera, the starfield background would change just like it were a real environment.

That was back with version 2.21. I haven’t done any space stuff since then, until just now. I’ve set up everything the same I had it before, so many times, but now, whenever I move the camera, the starfield texture just stays still. I’ve tried several things, to no avail, and I was wondering if something has changed in more recent versions of Blender; I don’t know if there is a new setting to make an animatable texture for the world, or what, but if anyone knows of a way to make this work, I’d be grateful.

Just to let you know, I’ve tried the giant sphere method, but I don’t like the results as well as using a clouds texture.


well,…there is more than one way. one thing would be to keyframe the offset of the texture. another would be to map the texture to an empty. yet another would be to use the ‘angmap’ setting. this last one requires that you set to ‘real’ and it does not work for a full 360 degree pan. there might be more options, but i am not aware of them.

make sure the “real” button is selected under the world options.
Also, blender has a built-in stars effect under the world options as well.


Of course, I forgot all about the real button. :expressionless: Thanks alot guys!


hm i didn’t know that the real button alone did this. you learn something new every day when you are a blenderer i guess. :stuck_out_tongue: