Animation/action system problems

Is it just me, or is the whole animation/action system really weird still? Here’s a simple example to do, with today’s build:

  • new file
  • animate the location of the default cube (-> now it has an action)
  • clear the loc keyframes (-> cube still moves in animation, even though the action is empty…?)
  • move the cube (-> cube doesn’t move in animation anymore)
  • assign the previous, empty action to the cube again (-> the location property seems to still change with the animation, even though the cube isn’t moving in the viewport and there’s no keyframes…?)

Just a lot of weird things like this happening all over the place, and many times I’m not able to do even the simplest tasks of linking/unlinking actions between different objects so that it works.

Where do I see when they’ll open the bug tracker for non-crash bugs?

I was animating shape keys yesterday and I was getting inconsistent issues, too.

Yeah, it seems that the same thing happens with shape keys.
Animate shape key value -> clear keyframes -> value still changes despite there being no keyframes -> change shapekey value -> now it’s stopped.

Are you guys have frequently crushes of dope sheet And graph editor when’s you move key frames?

It seldomly crashes for me, but I do get a lot of visual glitches when moving keyframes in dope sheet.

Actually, I had to use the graph editor to actually keyframe values in. the shape key editor in the panel was putting roadblocks up for me and couldn’t even use it.

can you try with armature animation on graph editor?

haven’t tried armatures. I imagine they have a ton of bugs to fix before beta, just gotta have some patience for now.