Animation advice

So far most of my animations have been of static objects with a moving camera, more mood shots and action. But I’d like to get more into the movement of objects.

I thought a good learning curve might be the landing and take off of a plane. But straight away I’m getting very unrealistic movement around the keyframes.

With this scenario, would you first key the first and last frames, then divide the line, then adjust the position on these points? I could use a path but I thought I’d try having more control.

I’ve parented the model to an empty so I don’t have to key multiple parameters, seems quite easy, but is this a good idea?

Yes I could just carry on with what I’m doing for hours and hours to get a good result, but if I’m doing things wrong, or at least in a less than efficient way it would be good to know.


An efficient way would be to do a 2d animation via grease pencil first. This naturally depends on the complexity of a rig. But results in this manner tend to be more fluid and easier to adjust.

Blender by default assumes that you are animating Character type animation…

to get a more Mechanical look and feel to your animations you need to adjust the ‘interpolation’ between the key frames in the graph editor…

see more info in this tutorial

Interpolation is specifically discussed at around 18 min into the video…