animation all made with blender...cycle and game engine

what do you think ?

I really like it! I like it how the chair looks like one of them games that you find in bars and how it collapses.
My only critique is that the camera jerks quite a lot. Is that meant to happen?
Lovely models and animation anyway.

yes, thanks a lot, you 're wright, the cameras is a little to exciting… i was affraid with the slowness of my travelling…

I’d say 1min18 to get to the interesting part is too much. The actual fracture of the chair looks really good. It seems that after the chair collapsed pieces are (slowly) moving towards the centre of where the chair was, is it intentional?

Anyway, to answer your question: yes, I like it but could be more interesting if shorter!

did you use the game engine for recording the fracture and collapse?

Interesting! I don’t get why the chair collapsed and didn’t stay “alive” as the other two…The only problem are the camera movements that are not well matched with music (which i find that good too) and maybe the video could be shorter as JoolsMcFly said.

mmmm, thanks for the interrest. You are all right, this is very long… the topics whas to show the chair. My wife make this chair in true life. But, like usual, i don’t arrive to cut for efficient short film. It will arrive in the futur, i hope ! I have use the the game engine, yes, for the fracture. Se you friends.