Animation Alpha-0 band glitch

I’m trying to render an animation in Blender, and I’ve found that there are bands that randomly appear on specific frames with alpha 0. This only and always occurs on specific frames of the animation. I’ve triple-checked all my objects in the scene and I’m very sure that the entire view should be filled. Is this some sort of bug? Is there a fix?

Should not occur, but its hard to help with no more information that a screen of the effect. Could it be coplanar faces?

Nope, it’s not coplanar faces. I have sky rendering off, so nothing is being rendered where that band is. There’s a single face covering the whole view, but for some reason it’s getting culled at the center on specific frames.

I got it solved. Apparently, Blender has a problem rendering single faces that cover the entire camera view. I was able to solve this by subdividing my mesh.

Yeah the UV gets all screwy, same sort of issue when photo mapping a basic mesh. You often have to add loops at the screen edge.