animation:an object out of its time

my last animation whit blender,
title:an object out of its time
what do you think?

I downloaded and watched your clip. Nice effort! (you gotta use a better codec, 'cause 106Megs is insane! :no::wink: ) I liked the style you used, tho the character didn’t seem to “fit” well color & shading-wise with the background. The animation was a bit sluggish / unnatural (tho much better than I could do with character anim.!) A few minor “huh?” elements, such as the clip on the hand-grenade with the obviously hand-scrawled “pull” on it. (Hand-grenades of that type have a pin with a ring at the end which releases the spring-loaded clip which initiates the timed fuse once sprung clear.)

I loved the concept overall, but the execution of it was a bit weak. As the opening credits rolled, I was imagining a hand-grenade going off in the middle of a huge battle scene - next-to-crazy for a lone blenderhead to pull off, I know, but you have to admit to being the culprit in getting our imaginations started. However, I applaud you for at least telling a story with a creative flair! Keep it up!

so i made a lighter version:

hey francal, I watched the animation. I liked the character, looks very nice. My crits are about timing of animation. It looks too slow/soft to me. You seem to have done the walking using a cycle and NLA. Though that’s OK, it usually gives bad results and I’d recommend using it only when is striclty needed like looong walks, crowds, or several characters walking. Otherwise, I’d go animating the walk as a regular action, you can have more natural look, and it will blend a lot better with the rest of the animation.

I think you can get rid of all those texts and let the animation to speak by itself.

Keep it up !


2 things:

  1. Couple of spelling mistakes in the text. But like malefico said, get rid of it.
  2. The character and grenade aren’t casting shadows on the ground. There are shadows cast by the soldier on himself but not the ground.