Animation and baking: what will be left?

Hello everyone,

I just made a 10 seconds animation with cloth. The 250 first frames of the walking character’s pants and pancho are baked, but now, i wish to animate the next 250 frames.

My question is:
Will the baking of the frames 251 to 500 be added to the cash of the previously baked frames or is it better to start the next frames on a copy of the Blend file?

Thing is: i will need all the baked scenes for further renders in different camera angles.

What’s your adwice?



I think the most important thing to do first, if you are happy with a cloth bake, is to back up the blendcache folder immediately, if not sooner. That way you can always restore the data if for some reason it gets erased, which can happen too easily imo.

AFAIK, if you start a new bake at a different frame range using the same .blend file, the blendcache data tied to that file (its filename is in the blendcache folder name, btw) will be erased, so you need to either start with a different .blend filename (and thus a whole new cache folder), or find some way to combine the data into a common folder. This last may not be too hard since the Cloth sim looks for a cache folder with a specific name, and you can “fool” it sometimes by renaming the cache folder (I use that trick when making shape keys from Cloth sim frames). Just make sure your Cloth object name stays the same, because I’m pretty sure the sim uses that data as well.

As long as your blendcache data is preserved and you can get the sim to recognize and use it, you can set up any number of cameras to record the cloth motion from any angle you want, just like any other animation.

Thanks chipmasque,
I was a little suspecting that sort of thing…
Am i right when supposing:
a) i just could add a “_1” at the end of the blendcache folder and a new baking would create a new folder with the same name, without the “_1” and leaving the previous bake unchanged?
b) Once 251-500 is baked, i could just copy-paste the “.bphys” files into the new folder and than playback the complete 1-500 scene?

Could this sort of “mystic” work well?


I think it would work, yes, but really the only way to tell is to try it, just be sure to back up your cache data for the bakes you want to keep. I’d copy the separate blendcache folders to some safe place before trying anything “mystical” :wink:

If it does work, please report your steps, because I’d like to do the same thing for my Kata project.

Thank’s for the advice and help!
Yes, i’ll do that: make an extra “savethesecaches” folder and save them there!!

EDIT: done… themnext i’ll try on baking!