Animation and Game physic in one movie?


 I have a simple question. I have try to make a ball roll on a plate. My question is can i move (ipo animate) the plate and render everything with the camera... When i do so, the ball don't fall and when i press "p", the plate don't move...

Thanks :slight_smile:

so did you try the ipo actuator?

Ohhh. I was wondering about that too. Thanks for the tip. :slight_smile:

The ipo actuator???

 I know the ipo curve, but not the actuator... My goal is to make a movie with thing that will move like in the real life without making complexe keyframing...

Where is the ipo actuator?

the button is in the action panel…
on the right
then i select the “ipo”
and give a start and a end time…

Even with that, the ball don’t start falling…

%| Umm, select the plate object and press F4.

always->AND->IPO(start frame, end frame)

Yeah I think you’d still have to learn some basics of the GE to get what you want in rendering. Hehe, after that just bake physics I guess and you’re set.

Jason Lin

Thanks for your time at aswering. I’m not shure i understand, but you were right, i have work for about 1 000 hours in blender, making different movies, but i haven’t touch the game engine part :)…

Thanks for help