Animation and Joints

Since I have been learning Blender I have tried several different technics to create the human form. Some I think would work well with animations and other the way the quads are laid out I think would not do so well.

So my question, is there are standard or popular layout for the joints for the human body especially in the torso and hip area for animation?

Iunno you’r question is but here’s an arsenal of models that you can scope through.

Really kewl repository of blender stuff but not what I’m looking for. I seek the different technics that are used to create joints for animation where the torso is concerned. Ones I’ve seen sometimes look distorted in movement and it seems that it is a standard.

I’m talking about the way the hip bend works and just looking for other ideas to improve on the mechanics of this. But thanks for the suggestion and taking the time, I’ll go back and look at it again.

Take a look at this simple hip rig that can do more complex movement. Tutorial is done in Blender version 2.49 but you can build it just as easily and quickly using same constraints in the latest version.