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hello community !
i am having a problem with my character crouch animation , when i press “C” to crouch the body switch to “idle crouching animation” every thing runs good until i walk in any direction the character legs go through the ground and it switch back to normal when i’m not holding WASD :thinking: , i checked if somthing wrong with the animation but no problems :confused:

here is the .blend ( UPBGE only)

however an older version of this file with the same animations runs good !!:woozy_face::woozy_face: ( I’ll upload the older file when my internet connection is fast enough )

any help game developers ???

here is the older version

@Cotaks any help :neutral_face:

You could do this yourself omg.

your animation has feets trough the floor, so ingame it does that as well, as i said before, animate it within the box, not outside of it.

Also your animations needs to be redone, you got way to much keyframes inserted between keys. for example frame 10-11 has like 9 keyframes within them, 1 on each frame is more then enough. More will really slowdown everything.

Another point is your character is to high poly (my opinion, 24k is to much) also depends where you going to use it for. ingame? then at least reduce it by half.

and another point is the character box, set collision bounds to box and margin to 0.01. Now you see the bounding sphere (dotted sphere on your box represents the bounding area) , so that’s an error on your part (if you knew or not, now you know).

but the only thing you have to do is check the animation, the error you want to have solved lies there.

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Well i downloaded the animations from , so it’s not my fault Screenshot_20200427-050335_WhatsApp

So? i just gave you free advice, take it or leave it, your choice.

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Of course i will take it :face_with_monocle: , and thank you

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Rise game used 80K poly characters and no LOD (it’s Cryteck engine also),
Games like FFXV or The Order jumped to 100 000, Horizon had some animated models jumping to 500 000 in close range view.
That’s amazing 3D engines, but Upbge shound should be able to render more detailed characters than 24K that should be a bare minimum.

and that is where you are wrong, go ahead make 24k characters(as the minimum), animate them, then let me know how much your potato can run.

yeah indeed, not that many. BGE or UPBGE all the same with animations lower is better, an average poly count for characters in AAA engines are 15k-60k, the trick is to let low poly look like high poly by baking the normal’s from high to a low poly version.

comparing engine that are very optimized against BGE is wrong, BGE/UPBGE can’t even come close to them. And that is what most people forget. BGE/UPBGE is not an AAA engine but a B engine.

2 devs (that do amazing work with UPBGE) with no funds versus teams of over 100 man that adjust the engine they use with a few million/billions to create what they want.

Indeed not compareable.

I know it’s not comparable, i’m just saying character polygon is increasing with each new games, graphics cards power is also increasing, so 3D engines we use should also increase the polygons that can be handled.

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Hope that happens :smirk:

basically yes, but no.

The engine is not optimized for it, thus we can’t go higher then the known limits. It’s not the hardware that holds us back but the engine itself.

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You mean blender won’t be an AAA engine one dayScreenshot_20200427-150633_WhatsApp

And about that :thinking: , what about adding AAA graphics to the next version of UPBGE :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow: , big say i know :joy:
Just a suggestion :neutral_face:

You mean Eevee ? Because it’s mainly OpenGL shaders about rendering.
I don’t know about all other layers if they are CPU and optimized or not, but to increase performance you’ll need optimization systems :

  • shaders and lighting quality depending on LOD
  • agressive texture mip map
  • particles LOD (when Upbge will get that feature)
  • good world culling system
  • octree
  • portals for users level design
  • mesh instancing for duplicated meshes (grass, trees or any objects)
  • multi thread as much systems as possible

Then there is the game developer possible optimization layer, for example :

  • join static models
  • make portals and chunck maps visibility
  • manage characters and objects visibility, animations ticks
  • change particles details (less particles numbers for example)
    and many others.

Eevee is brute force, none of that exist i guess, this would be to Upbge to add shaders scaling features , the user could choose Eevee as it is, or choose some lower quality settings for some shaders.
About other systems, culling, lighting LOD and others this will be up to Upbge.

There is lot of ways to manage to get high polycount.
(I’m not talking open world, that is more complex to manage).

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It’s you(the users) who need to create AAA graphics lol.

This has nothing to do with the engine, well it kinda does but not really. Like evee, good graphics because people made shaders, and stuff for it and build it in. Normally you build your own shaders, textures, and all the things you need to make it look nice.

Both of you are thinking like…wait for final release of upbge and you have awesome next gen AAA quality, let me burst that bubble for you, you don’t, you still need to create the art to let it look beautiful. If you can’t then no AAA quality for you, no matter what engine you use.

It’s great to have an engine that supports all kind of things so that we can build better(and easier) quality stuff, but it’s still up to you to create it.

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I know that before you say , but i tried UE4 with the textures with no shaders , looked more beautiful :eyes: , so is that means UE4 runs at maximum quality and UPBGE runs at minimum ?? Or it’s because the software :thinking:

And another point , UPBGE don’t have dynamic lights :pleading_face:

ofcourse BGE has them since 2.50 i believe. sun and spotlights. where spotlight can be altered to act like a lamp. Shadows the same, you can cast a spotlight on an object that object casts it shadow onto an other object. You can animate lights or change them on the fly, so what do you consider dynamic lights?

yes, software, or actually the engine itself, i’m not 100% sure but someone told me that UE4 has some basic shaders that are always active(build in). (i got no exp. with UE4 at all so can be totally wrong about this, but that’s what they said to me)

There is many characters and assets packs available to purchase reaching AAA quality, but a game is lot more than graphics only.
But i agree that most indies will not create AAA games, if you look at very small teams in the indie scene, it’s really not AAA games what they have as game goal.

I played an indie game supposed to challenge AAA game mass effect.
Despite graphics not too bad , it was too generic, no identity, no personality, basic gampelay, bad borring ai and combats, borring level design and so on.
Indies is not about trying to make what millions production with thousand people team and lead designers can do. While indies can reach some “AA” level.

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