Animation and some visual effects

Hello everyone. I’m new here and I’d like to introduce my self.
I’m a Blender user since 2,59v and have learned only a tiny part of all great tools that it has. I do also want share some of my recent work that I’ve done using blender.

Here is a short movie called “a Perfect Housewife”:

(all 3D effects were made in Blender)

Here is a little breakdown of created shots to TV commercial:

Water surface was created in Blender (Ocean Sim + Dynamic Paint) and finaly compisited in After Effects.

Hallo again. Now I’d like to show you my new ShowReel that includes some of work that I put here recently.

Most part of 3D animations has been done in Blender.

You might have too much going on here. All of it is really good but there is so much and of different styles and aspects that I don’t even know what to comment on. Was all of this done in Blender 2.59?

your showreel is pretty good, but I would suggest reversing the order of the clips - it goes (IMHO) from the weaker to stronger clips, when really, you want to be showing your best work first.

Btw the zombie kid looks AWESOME

i dont get what your idea is. its not clear to me

That is some amazing work!

5/5 for me. Nice!


What is not clear to you ?
Like I sad. I wanted to introduce my self on this community forum, so I decided to publish here my recent finished works.


I didn’t use blender 2,59 for all of this. I started learning blender from 2,59 and I use the newest version of course.
I did all 3D effects to “a Perfect Housewife” in Blender
I did most of 3D shots from my current showreel in Blender also, but there are few shots that was created in Maya during my job in animation company that I worked in, few years ago.

Fine clips, I didn’t know that the opening of “Bitwa na głosy” was made with Blender. No i fajnie widzieć kolejnego użytkownika programu z Polski!

Prace wyśmienite. Smiler powiedz mi skończyłeś jakąś uczelnię (a jak tak to jaki kierunek) czy uczyłeś się sam?

Skończyłem Media Cyfrowe w DSW i polecam wszystkim, którzy pracują nad swoimi umiejętnościami.

Dziękuję Ci ogromnie, bo właśnie szukam uczelni na którą się wybiorę w przyszłym roku :slight_smile: Szkoda tylko, że to szkoła niepaństwowa.

Some really nice, really solid vfx work there.
I love it all.

And if I understand the credits on your showreel correctly, the music is your creation also? At any rate, I thought it was a good, suitable tune for a showreel.

Thas right, I made music and sound design to showReel.

If you are interested in my other music and sound works, here you have few projects:

That’s right. I created music and sound design for show reel. If you’d like to hear other music & sound projects check out following links: