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Hey there! I’m an intermediate working on a college final and am using harsh transition of character animation to match the bass of the song. My workflow is finding which frame the bass hits and setting my transition to that frame. Here’s the problem.

The more I add, the slower my FPS gets. It started out at standard 30FPS but now it runs at about 15 FPS. The sound plays at the same original speed tho, so when I play the animation, it looks offbeat from what I had it. It would be of great help to be able to continue this workflow.

Is there anyway to make my sound run at the same tempo as my animation so it slows down at the same rate as my FPS? Maybe there’s an option to change the sound from timestamp to framestamp or something? Please let me know of any tips and tricks that may be of help whether it’s with framerate or not! Thanks!

Open a Sequencer Editor, put there your sound strip, press N, activate “Dispaly Waveform”
That way you’ll see directly where the beats are.

Second, in the Timeline Editor, Playback menu, you can activate Sync to Audio, it will skip frames when the display is too slow.
Same menu, Play in option: activate only the editors you really need.

Also, try to boost the performance. Use solid viewport shading, which is much faster than textured, turn off unnecessary objects, turn down viewport subdivs etc.

I’ve been using the waveform it can be useful. But I didn’t know the other tips Thanks so much!

Thank You!

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