Animation Anouncment: Yane

cg-hi guys

I just finished a anouncment animation
My team (3 people:o) gonna try to make a big(beautiful is a better word) animation/short film.
We wrote the script already and some concept art is made.
I started a new youtube channnel where I will post videos about the progress
This next half year i’m gonna post allot of question’s because I never have animated really before
But i’m happy youtube and you guys can always help me out.
So here is the video

Made in blender
Music: My ukelele :smiley:
Samples: 150 samples
gpu:960gt windforce
Time: 3 days

So, What do you think?
(I have seen the small mistakes like te black line in the background or the bugging paper, dont know where it came from)

Well, it’s a test animation. There’s some flickering with the head. Also, you need to speed up the movement in the arms. If you look at it carefully, it’s slowly moving down over time. You might want to let the character blink if it has eye lids.