[Animation] Asteroid – Updated – Planet Textures Available!

Hi all,

Here’s a little 6 second animation I did recently, thought I’d share it with you. 8) Made entirely with Blender 3D, Postprocessing and compositing done with Adobe After Effects.

2 MB, XviD (eh, 2mb is big for only 6 seconds, but couldn’t bring myself to sacrafice very much quality :P)

Some frames from the animation:

The planet is the same one as in my Bismark picture.


Here are the links to the planet textures:

Planet Surface, 2500x1250, ~700 kb)

Planet Surface bump map, 2500x1250, ~250 kb

Clouds, 8192x4096, ~10 MB


That’s awsome. Looks like Star Wars. The camera pan is nice and smooth.

I’m curious about the planet, how you did it. Would you mind posting your blend?

Incredible :o Cinema-like…

Wow, very nice job. Could benefit with sound though. I’d love to see more. How did you make Earth look so nice?

really nice, stunning, fantastic hmm don’t have any more words to describe it but I hope you’ll get the point. :wink:

nice job blending image and 3d.

I was Gob smacked when I saw the earth. I belive I could see my house it looked so real!!

Maybe the coment have some fragments of rock coming off, other than that awsome job!! :smiley:

kit89: You have a realy big house, don’t you?

Realy good job with that movie. I didn’t thought it was possible to get a flying asteroid look cool :wink:

Really nice work. Camera tracking was perfect.

The actual asteroid could have used some more bump and a bit more colour tones, but that is a minor issue.


Very, very nice work. Looks like something in the opening of star trek DS9.

I would say the rotation of the asteroid is to fast, and once it pass the camera it looks like the rotation change directions, but that may just be me. Also the redge lines on the asteroid makes grid lines.

Thank you all. :slight_smile:

Coalth: There is no real image, it’s all 3D. 8)

BgDM: You are right, it does need more bump and color tones. If I ever use it again, I’ll remember that.

Blade_Pride: I thought that was just a visual illusion, but I went back and checked the IPO’s and you’re right! It does change direction as it goes. :expressionless:


Very cool, looks stunning. How about some lens flare from the sun?

yes this is so amazing! :o could you possibly point me to a tutorial to make a planet like that? or could you write one? much would be appreciated. amazing work


Your earth is really impressive. Amazing.
So i’m also interested in having your blend (if you don’t mind of course) or having a link to your textures maybe.
This could be nice.
Once again, great work.

hey, really nice anim, perfect glow, and breathtakeing planet :smiley:

ok. and now how did you done the sun? Is it combination with blender’s halo and flare’s? (because it seems to me as postprocessing :wink: ). if it’s blender’s, could you show halo settings? 8)

all in all, really nice work

This looks really good.

Ah, I loved this comet in the DS9 opening sequence - with these nice particles…

Hi guys,

The planet was done using three spheres, one for the planet, one for the clouds, and one for the atmosphere. The size of the planet texture was 2500 x 1250, but I repeated it a few times across the surface. The clouds were 8192 x 4096 (also repeated across the surface). The atmosphere was just a blend texture mapped to NOR and only Z.

The glow isn’t that hard, although it was mostly done in photoshop. I rendered out the atmosphere by itself with full emit and against a black background. I then took it into photoshop, duplicated it a few times, and applied some gaussian blur in varying amounts to create a “glow” feel. Lastly, I used color balance to adjust the color from white to a cyan/blue, and composited it onto the planet with screen mode.


this is a post from obiwans bismark forum and this helps a little with the planet but could you post the textures?


Hi guys,

joorva: The sun was done using a demo flare plugin for Adobe After Effects.

Here are the links to the planet textures:

Planet Surface, 2500x1250, ~700 kb)

Planet Surface bump map, 2500x1250, ~250 kb

Clouds, 8192x4096, ~10 MB


Thanks for the tips (in swatdojo’s post) and for the textures.
I’m gonna try this.

Just two things:

  1. I’m not sure, but the asteroid seems to change it’s rotation axis while flying.
  2. That close to the earth, you should see the effect of it’s gravity.

Otherwise, I agree, it’s fantastic.