Animation attached objects in the character

hello everyone, i already modeled, textured, and started to rig my character, however this is the second time i get stuck with this.

This is a low poly character for a game obviously but i tried to attach some objects, like in this case a mana potion, health potion a wand etc… but whenever i try to rig this character the attached objects get modified of course by the bones, i don’t want this to happen, i just want this objects to follow the movement of the waist and to keep attached to the belt, so please any help would be appreciated…

Here is what i try to explain

They should only deform if there are 2 or more bones that are affecting them. Maybe try weight-painting your accessories so that only 1 bone is affecting them?

ok i will try it! thank you

If the attachable is a separate object, you can make it a child of a specific bone and it will follow that bone as it moves. Select the object, select the bone (in Pose Mode), use the CTRL+P, choose the “Bone” option (at the bottom in 2.62). In this process there is no need for weight painting or any other type of vertex weighting on the child object.

PS. In many kinds of game character skeletons there are special attachment bones designed for just this purpose.