Animation: "Bad Comic"

If you are looking for some very badly done stand up comedy, you have come to the right place.

To veiw this animation (and all the rest) please go here
avi, 3.3meg, 50sec
“Bad Comic”

I"m working on a Chrismas cartoon that I will try to have up in the second week of December. But untill then I hope you enjoy watching this little guy on stage.

thanks for looking!

Update 11/28
I was finally able to get some time to buy a new domain for the “Simple Cartoons”. I was also able to add some new things to the site. For me this is the next step in the growth of these characters and animations. And I would like to say a big thank you to for all the support and encouragement. I plan to work with these little guys for a long time.
The new site is up, new home for the simplecartoons, with better bandwidth, and space.

ROFLMFAO!!! This one is one of my favorites! Great work, Wu!



Great stuff again Wu, my favourite is still Pizza Pie. “thats a moron”

Wu, that was very funny :smiley: Good sense of humor you have there. There’s unbelievable potential in your Simple Toons universe, so keep cranking them out dude! You cannot possibly lose with these :slight_smile:


that was bad! :stuck_out_tongue: great job! cant wait to see the next one!

:smiley: Thanks Guys!! :smiley:

block01cube- thats great to hear, i like this one too, usually about halfway through i get tired of seeing the animation i’m working on, but this one didnt get old, at least not yet, haha, thanks for the great post.

robdollar- thanks a lot, i was hoping someone could understand what i said in the pizza pie song, haha, i laughed when i read your post! thanks

Robertt- thanks robertt, your post means a lot, i got lots of different ideas, so i think your right they could take place and go anywhere, haha, in the jungle looking for bulbus monkeys, or in space fireing pens and pencils out the window, haha, thanks for the wonderful post!

orion119net- yes very bad comedy, haha, thanks for checking it out, i got lots more to come, thanks

Thanks for watching, more to come!

Great animation again. Cool camera switching! But you have to do something about the sound quality. I am no native english speaker and so I didn’t understand one word of him. Maybe some subtitles? :slight_smile:

Great work. Go on! :slight_smile:

Dude, you are a genius. This is the best stuff I have seen done in a long time. Keep up the great work man.


Looks great I like it. If anything I would add a giant tentacle that comes out and yanks him off the stage followed by crunching sounds.

Great , Wu :D!

My favourite is still ‘The Air is Sweet’ - can’t wait to see your Christmas Cartoon…

:smiley: yah more posts! :smiley:

Jerri- thanks man, i have been trying to make the animations more interesting to watch and increase their complexity, such as more movements (walking, arm movements), and different cammera shots.
as for the sound this animation was a bit tricky. i first had the sound normal, but i felt with the voice of the character being so low, and hard to understand no one would get the jokes. so i increased the volume to make up for the hard to understand dialog, but i’m sure i have left many non english speaking veiwers in the dark. for the translation, haha, here is what the three main jokes were, again the title is “Bad Comic” so keep in mind as you read the jokes.
Animation Translation
#1 Whats the deal with short chicks and bowl haircuts? it was just somthing i said to my self one day while at work and i saw a lot of short women with short hair. and i thought it was funny like some kind of club i never knew about, hence, whats the deal with short chicks and bowlhaircuts.
#2 Have you ever been driveing down the street and feel in your pocket and say “oh my god i lost my car keys”? But they are really in the ignition. this happened to me, and i felt pretty dumb, but atleast no one knew about it untill now, haha
#3 How akward is the grocery store, the cashier is always trying to make small talk, “i’m like put the stuff in the bag i got to go”! i hate waiting in line and i always say this to my self when i shop, “Shut up and put the stuff in the bag” haha
anyway hope this helps, thanks for posting

BgDM- truly an honor to get a post like that from you! this will keep me inspired to work and create more for a long time to come, thanks! ( I pray you didnt post this in the wrong thread, haha).

Modron- thanks man, glad you found a way to veiw the animations, also really like what you did with the stump and the new eyes, about the octo-hook that would have been funny, strange but funny, i thought of the same kind of thing, but just a regular long hook, but i figured no one would get it except for those of us who grew up watching looney toon cartoons, thanks for the post man!

thoro- thanks for still watching and commenting from the very begining, the spacecraft stuff is very fun to work on, i got a couple more ideas for the following months, and glad you will check out the christmas animation, i’m working on it now, thanks man!

:smiley: thanks for the comments and encouragement!! :smiley:

You didn’t even hit “subsurf” on your characters’ heads !
That’s great !

I am very impressed that not only do you do nice work, but that you continue to do nice work. Your perseverance is amazing :smiley:

pikilipita- didnt even notice that, haha, i tried out the models with subsurf and they do look improved, all that is except the shoes which deform badly so i just seperated them and subsurfed the body, i will try it out, but also kind of liked the boxyness of no subsurf too.

akator- thanks a lot man! i’m very passoniate about these cartoons, they really combine many things i love a lot, such as painting, drawing, modeling, animation, writing, and very bad voice acting, haha, so it a labor of love for sure, it is also the help of the elysiun community that is also greatly responcible for the rapid growth and development, this place is like steroids for creativity, in this thread alone are four people who posted back in the very first post back in March for these characters, you, Robertt, Modron, and Thoro. so passion, and major support and encouragment has been great for the simplecartoon universe, thanks so much!

how do you get the characters to talk when they have textures?
i am guessing animated textures and if i am right, how do you get them to be so accurate with dialouge??

Good job, my friend.

Maybe it could use some farts though… :wink:

Pure genius and originality. I love how all the characters walk with only moving their ankles. No two-legged pants for them! :stuck_out_tongue:

I say don’t change a thing. It all fits a unique style, and it rules.

:smiley: thanks for the posts :smiley:

TakingHits - it is more done with a video/audio editor then somthing done in blender. basically what i do is render abou five frames for each expression (open, closed, angry, happy) then with a video editor i will take the audio which is displayed as a curvey line, then i will take each small bit of mouth animation and place them peice by peice were the audio line matches up, and where their is no audio line i will just add a closed mouth. it is really not a hard process but it is very time consuming. (i will try and post a photo of the next animation in the audio/video editor it will be so much easier to explain)
i think somone mentioned how to work the experssions in blender just by animating the texture but with timing and things i took the lazy way out, but i’m always experimenting so i will work on it in the future and then decide what works best, but for now this is a pretty effective solution, and very fun to make! great signature by the way “young buck out of cashville” because like you i’m a hustla fo life, keep it real in the streets

whiteboy- finally a serious crit on how to make my animations better, haha, check out the end of pizza pie, i dont want to over use the fart, just on special occasions.

theropod- hey thanks so much for the great post, it is very encouraging to read! about the legs, just using the feet moving also keeps the animation, modeling, and texturing very easy and simple. very happy to hear people like this work, because i would love to make lots more, thanks so much for the post!

:smiley: thanks a lot for taking the time to download and post, it means a lot! :smiley:

:stuck_out_tongue: darn i was really hoping that it was all done in Blender because I love your style of animations. After seeing the holloween one and this one, I have been looking for a good video editor with the audio curve thingy since Blender does not show Sound Waves. If there is a way to do this in Blender however, I would be estatic to find out :smiley:

oh btw about my signature… (and my username) It is based on Young Buck’s new album Striaght Outta Cashville which has my favourite song, Taking Hits. :wink:

LOL this isnt as funny as say the italians from “Pizza Pie” but its certainly good. Maybe the pizza guys should have had a cameo appearance? :slight_smile: