Animation basics

Hi all, I’m new to Blender and these forums. I’ve been reading James Chronister’s tutorials for Blender, and although I’m nowhere near making a complete animated scene, I need some help with the basics. I tried animating a cube moving in a straight line, yet revolving around it’s axis. Frame one started exactly where I placed the cube. The next frame (frame 25) had it move a few spaces up but revolved about 90 degrees about it’s vertical axis. I set the key for this frame to Loc. The next frame (frame 50) Has the final position, a few more squares up from frame 25 and revolved a little more. I set this key to Loc. When I animate it from frame 1, it has the rotation from the last frame on it, so it stays in the same position moving in a straight line, not revolving. So I tred setting each key to Rot, and it did the same thing. Any tips?

To lock in a rotation you need to select rot (rotation) or loc & rot (Location & Rotation) at the current key frame. When you get comfortable with this method, then go on to learning how IPO curves work and you can fine tune the animation there. Then after that learn how the action and NLA windows work. There are good tutorials in the 2.3 manual.