Animation Blend OUT?

Hey, i know that i can use “blend” to blend in animation from one to another very nicely. but what about back out again?

Like i have a idle animation for my character that always plays, but when i press “W” my a running animation plays on the same layer, but it has an earlier priority so it plays instead.

Okay so now to the actual thing: i can blend from “Idle” to “running” but when i stop run he just snaps back to idle, because there is no blend out?

So how do i blend out and back to the Idle??

Ty advance for the best comunity eva! :DD

aa never mind it got it! xD sry

Just for posterity, in case anyone with the same question comes across this thread, you can do that by setting a blendin on your idle animation too (so it blends back into the idle).

Also, you can add a [solved] tag by editing the first post, which helps people tell at a glace whether the thread needs answering (and/or whether they’ll find answers in the thread)