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I’m trying to do an interactive animation, that animate hand movement depending on input file/s or let’s say some option buttons…

So far I created hand, but now i’m stuck. What would be appropriate way to do this? I’m thinking of some programming way, but have no idea how, what, where…

I know in blender you can animate movements, but in my case this is not the solution. Because i need approx. 600 different position, to move my object to. And it is not just moving them around, it’s also changing the shape of them. eg. stretch one finger, bend another…

I’ve hear i could use openGL to do this in… Is this true?

I would appreciate i some one knows hot could this be done.

Thanx in advance!


I am a bit confused by what you are asking.
are you trying to use the game engine to animate a model of a 3D hand?
(so you push different keys and different fingers move)

try this thread

probably the best way to start learning how to do that in Blender is the book, Intro to Character Anim with Blender from Amazon. For a brief overview, see First, you define a pose for each component (finger or wrist) and then animate them (by a hard-coded NLA or by reading info from a file/database) to do what you want. Blender fills in the in-between movement for you.

Waylow, thank you for your response!

Yes i know, my questions are confusing.:eek:
I’ll try one more time.

I have a left human hand/palm model and guitar neck. My goal is to show how a guitar riff is played. Which string is pressed and which is not, with which finger… and so on.

First problem:
I created an animation that shows how G minor and C major riffs are played, but here is the problem! It is only animation. I have no influence on it! Let say, now I want it to show how e.g. E minor is played, and after that again some other riff and so on and on… Selection should be made by keyboard (G key for G major…). Game engine perhaps? :eek:

Second problem:
I’m aware there are many riffs to play. What if i want to display a riffs that I didn’t put it in. My goal is not do create all existing riffs (there are 3000+) but some how read them from a file, and then show/animate them.

Hope this is more clear :confused:… Please let me know if this can be done and how???

Thank you! Marko

HI Marko,

Not sure if this will help you or not, a guy called Jules here in uk has created a midi input script. There is a youtube demo here…

Possibly you could modify it for your needs? I cant speak for Jules of course, but I have found him to be very friendly and helpfull.:yes:

you can do it in the game engine with a fair bit of python scripting

what you are planning seems very complicated but not impossible

I would start by building the different hand poses for each cord position
then later work on playing the riffs

I haven’t done this, but maybe you could make a separate action for each chord type, then make an animation of the arm movement and actions to 3rd, 5th, 7th,etc. frets, actions on those, then use NLA strips to blend the animation together. Depends on the level of realism you are going for.

Hello there!
I think this is my first post on the forum (Ive been reading it for quite some time)
If your happy to use other software - my tool of choice would be flash.
I would animated each hand position - render out the animations for each, then make it into an interactive piece using adobe flash.


thank you all for reply. I’m still figuring out how to deal with the problem, standing still…:o
I have found no solution yet, on how to do my animations.

I guess i am boring you with my questions, but have no one else to turn on to.

So, here it is:
I have a hand/left palm, that i would like it to show some gestures, or in my case some guitar riffs. Not all riffs will be played/shown every time animation is shown, but only selected ones, based on input file (e.g. some file where it is written which will be played/showed.).
In short: one time i need my animation to show e.g. C,D,E riffs, another time let’s say F,A,D,F riffs.

Can this be done in blender? :eek: Or is there any program/environment out there, where this can be done???

And my animation must be in 3D.

Thanks in advance, Marko

i think you should make 12 NLA actions for each finger, one for going to each string, and going back to the rest position from that string. then put all the different riffs into a file, something like

C (1,2) (2,5) (3,0) ect…

for “C Riff, finger one (thumb) on string two” and “finger two one string five” and “finger three in rest postion.” and make a python script to use in the game engine to display the hand moving.

note: i dont play the guitar so i have no idea how to play a c riff :stuck_out_tongue:

hope that wasn’t too confusing!

This is what I meant:

3d animation made in blender, interactivity made with flash.


yes, this is exactly what I’m looking for. :yes:
could you please tell me, how you have done this?
Just some guidelines - i have no idea hot to combine with flash…:rolleyes:

Is there a way of showing this in 3D? So you can rotate the model and view it at every angle you want?

thank you raphroberts!

Regards, Marko

Hi Marko sorry I didn’t see that you had replied to this thread. Did you work it out?
I just rendered out 2 separate animations, then in flash made it so you can play either one or the other. Let me know if you have any other questions. I dont know of a way you could rotate it in 3d short of spending alot of time and effort learning actionscript code (flash) and/or the blender game engine.