animation blendin and bone channels :

in my game I directly access armature bones to change their matrices to morph an avatar. let’s say these are morph-bones.
particularly I got one for the mood (happy<->neutral<->angry). I got a lot of them. more than seven anyway :rolleyes:

I also use action actuators for main animation sequences and there’s a transition system that sequences them : idle<->walk<->idle<->sit, headidle<-> laugh <-> headidle, etc.
the bones used in the actuators (that is : keyed in the action used by the actuator) are generally not the same than the ones I tweak directly :

for the head, the idle expressions are mixed with the mood morph-bone and it’s pretty cool.

for some kind of transitions I use blendin so that I don’t need to create a transition for every cases particularly for the temporary animations of the head : laugh, heeeek, yawl … that came above the head idle animation
I made a ‘blendout’ too, to return from temporary anime to head idle.

problem :
the blendin actuator feature won’t do a transition for the morph-bone, even if it’s keyed in the temporary action it is playing.
morph-bones are not keyed in any of the actions currently used in the other actuators, so from the blendin actuator point of view, they didn’t move and don’t need to be interpolated to what I want in the temporary action.

I though I could setchannel() the previous actuator with the morph-bones I need to interpolate, so I could give an input to the blendin actuator. but nope, it seems you can’t key a playing action anymore like in 2.49.

is the only solution to reset by myself the mood morph-bone and co. before the temporary animation, and set back after it, or is there something I missed in the api ?