animation blending issues

i have a flying character (a gryphon). i want it to rotate it about 90° around the y axis when a key is pressed, and go back smoothly when the key is released. i did this with an action set to flipper and set blend in to 10, which works. but now i want it to rotate in the opposite direction when another key is pressed, and either the blendin doesn’t work or it gets stuck entirely. both are on the same layer.
help please?

blending requires that they use different layers.

^ I’m not sure if I understand you correctly, because I believe you can blend between two different animations that are played on the same layer. I know I don’t specify any extra layers when I animate 3D characters, and blendin blends between them.

@Mourlie - As a guess, make sure the animation stops when you let go of the key. The problem might be that the animations are playing at the same time, instead of whichever one you want to play at any given time.

it works when i use different layers, but since i need two animations that don’t have any priority, this isn’t really a solution because one is always “preferred”. and this leads to the animation getting stuck.

i have set it to stop as soon as the key is released, but the problem is that it doesn’t blend out, only blend in. and when they’re both on the same layer, nothing happens. :confused:

You need to explicitly reassign the (main)? animation to the gryfon with the blendin parameters, otherwise it will be stuck on the animation.

if key released --> playanimation

thanks, i’ll try it out. can i use logic bricks to see when the key is released?

yes I think it is possible, I think you can invert the output, so you can say, if no keys pressed --> set idle.