Animation blending problems.

Ive seen a lot of people managing to blend two animations with each others. For example: A guy having a breathing animation, then he starts running, and the breathing animation continues.

Ive tried this a lot, havnt really gotten it too work. In thisfile i, trying to get the “Andas” animation (breathing) to work with some others, like shooting and reloading. If you would like to help me in the smallest way, id be grateful. =)

as long as the bones used in the breathing animation aren’t used at all in the running animation it should work fine. Just make sure the bones you want to keep working aren’t in the list on the left hand side of the Actions screen (with the runing action selected) and you’re good to go!

i cant get my gun to do two animations, to be more specific, i want w,a,s, and d to control my up and down breathing animation, and i want whenever i hit left button to make the up and down shooting animation, but it only does the animation (whenver i hit any of the buttons assigned) that is selected in the ipo window, PLEEEEEASE HELP :slight_smile:

Thank you, ill try. :stuck_out_tongue: