Animation blending

Hi everyone! Sorry for maybe obvious question but it relly blew my mind. I’m trying to understand how to combine animations with rotations. I’ve created two simple animations - first rotates bone round global X and second rotates round global Y. For see what happened more clear I switched to XYZ Eurler mode.
first animation change bone’s local X Rotation from 0 to -90 deg,
second animatin change bone’s local Z Rotation from 0 to 90 deg.
Combined one above the other in NLA I got changes in X and Z rotations from each individual rotation. Visually It looks like the bone start rotate between global -X and Y and then smooth change rotation to only Y. I want achieve visual affect like bone’s local X Rot = -90, Y Rot = 45, Z Rot = 0 (or between global -X and Y in the mean).
How to achieve desired mean result animation for two general movement like LEFT and BACK rotations with NLA? Is it wrong way and I should create LEFT-BACK animation in one strip?
Thank you all! And sorry for basic question but it isn’t explained in documentation and tutorials that I’ve found.

Sorry but I can’t upload blender file because it is restricted for new users.

Upload your file here and post back the URL.

What rotations, minus or plus, what extrapolation, what blend type, add, subtract etc? Can’t tell from your post.

Ok you are getting into a gotcha with euler rotations. Ist goes first x, then y, and then Z. or whatever rotation order you choose. I don’t know of a way to get your target in NLA. When I have that situation, I use quats. I key the first frame. Then put in another bone just temporarily at where I want the keyed bone to point to. I move the time line and then put on a damp track constraint to the temp bone. Then I key a visual rotation on the bone. Delete the constraint and temp bone and voila.

Remember blender is using a matrix to get the rotations. You can google the rotation issue and somewhere you will find the matrix matrix math if you are so inclined.

Thank you! I got it. I’ve decided to use IK constraints and create more specific animations.