Animation/Bone Export?

Hello, I am learning animation in Blender, but for some reason, when I attach bones to my models, then export them to .3ds, then import them back into blender, there are no bones. Does blender export bones or just meshes?
My second question, would I be able to export animations if I was creating a game? If so, what file format do I use?
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First question: The .3ds format itself does not support bones so they will be lost on export. Boned animation from within Blender can be converted to vertex animation upon export which .3ds does support.

Second Question: The file format you’d use would depend entirely on which game engine your were trying to import to. Select a game engine, look up what file formats it supports and then see if Blender has an exporter for that format.

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But does Blender support bones at all?

Of course it supports bones, you said in your first post you were animating with them ?!!?

Do you mean will it export them? As I said it depends on which format you’re exporting to. Formats that support boned animation include Collada, FBX, B3D, and DirectX but it depends entirely what game engine you’re working with to make your choice.

hehe yes I did mean export, sorry. So I make a boned model, and export it in the file that my engine supports. What if I make an animation in blender (for example, a walking animation), how would I export the animation so it could be used in the game?
EDIT: By the way is is .DTS what the engine supports. Blender has a 3rd party exporter for that.
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.dts that’ll be Torque if memory serves. They have a very active community on their own website where the author of the export script hangs out. That’'ll be the best place to ask (I think they even have a sub-forum for the blender exporter) on using the script as I’ve not seen many Torque users asking here on

Okay thanks!