Animation Books?

Are there any good animation books for blender 2.53. Kinda getting use to it and want to lean this way but, before I get into it to strong want to read up on some things. From lip syncing to animating the actual charectors clothes movement and layout.

Maybe we should get a final version released first.

i think that “introducing to charcter animation in blender” by tony Mullen will be upgraded to blender 2.5 and will go out about on april 2011…

Final version??? When is this going to be??? My ideal goal is to create some simple movies. I can create some scense and stuff now but would like to add some charectors to so waiting till April will be some time. Is there anything else I can read up on to get the idea of doing stuff. I see Tony has the same book out other then 2.5. What release was this on? Could that be a good guide to just to follow threw intill the updated one come out? Or are there any site with good tutorials out there for chractor animation?

Well in short, there’s thousands of sites and endless resources for learning animation skills. There is currently no resources designed for Blender 2.5 SPECIFICALLY (that I know of) because the stable release hasn’t come yet, but the same principles of animation you’d learn from watching any tutorial on animation should essentially translate to Blender, you may just need to familiarize yourself with some of the interface.

Bassam Kurdali’s Mancandy Training DVD would be a good place to start for Blender specific stuff. I don’t want to put a link because there may be actually an updated version of it -I’m not sure You can get it at the Blender e-shop or it’s also freely available as creative commons I believe.

You should look into -I’m sure there are plenty of resources related to general animation and CGSociety has a thread on tutorials for animation that would be a good place to get started too:

The recent video interview with the director of AnimationMentor on BlenderNation gives some really good advice to beginners trying to learn animation too which I recommend watching before anything else.