Animation: BOT (episode 1)

This is my very first short animation, and did not turn out as good as I would’ve hoped. I experienced several power outages during rendering, and with the suzanne contest deadline, I was forced to rush the ending and do a poor quality render, as well as rush the sound mixing as well. [There exists, as of yet, NO emoticon of suficient magnatude to express my level of frustration.]

Nontheless, here it is. Best played in Windows media player.
2 mins, 25 sec. Divx 17.5 MB

Edit (better host):

I would like a critique from everyone, but since this took so long to render and I’ve allready sumbitted it to Robertt, please reserve your critique to what I could do next time.

I hope you all enjoy. I am now going to sleep for a week :smiley:

HEY! :smiley:

That was pretty cool. I like it.
Things I would improve on:

  1. Character animations: make him walk more robotically.
  2. Sound effects: in the first scene when hes on the ground you hear robotic noises when he moves, but not throughout the rest of the movie.
  3. Camera movement: could be a lot smoother.
  4. Story: I’m still not sure what the storyline of this is.

Good lighting and composition though. Keep up the good work! :wink:

well, hmm…its great :smiley:
just don´t like that breakdance move on the begining
waiting for the 2nd episode

  1. I take that as a compliment.
  2. I agree, but I had to rush the audio, so I was pretty much recording the sound in realtime with the objects on my desk :-? .
  3. I have no excuse for that.
  4. Ha. Neither do I.

waiting for the 2nd episode

There will definatly be a 2nd or even 3rd episode, but don’t hold your breath. I’ve had enough of this character… for now.

Breaths out

And you tell me that NOW? xD

I’ll just await the next episode breathing then …

rapidshare is kind of crappy, so I hosted this on another site:

Very nice, for one congrats on completing a short animation, no mean feat!

Some of the animation is a little dodgy in parts, especially when vaulting up and tripping over the cable.

Good emotion on the bot.

Overall pretty good, just make sure the next one is even better!


Thanks ajc158,

Yes, the animation is a little dodgy in places. I wish I had more time to work on this. The emotion was somewhat inspired by the pixar animation with the two lamps (remember that one?) I guess I had sort of an advantage, since my character has eyes.

and yes the next one will be much better. In fact, I think I will try to re-render this and redo the sound a little better. I’m still not quite satified.

loved the story! it’s really cool…the animation could be improved but it’s still pretty good…and you can add some enviorment…(just a door, a window, a sofa and a textured wall might be enough). also i would make the speaking more nice and less robotic, please continue it because it has great potential!

thanks, 4go10soul, I’m glad you liked it.

The robotic speaking was deliberate; it contrasts the emotions of the robot. As for extra scenery, well, I guess I never thought of that stuff. Expect a redo of this animation in the distant future with extra footage. Expect the next episode in the very distant future…
I’ve got hundreds of other animation ideas…
I’ve got to get those out of my brain and into a blend file first. 8)

The light and Materials are awesome. What did you use?


Got stunned…fantastic animation…

Keep it the good work.


P.S.: When will it be continued? :slight_smile:

Whoa! :o I’m glad this thread was bumped.

I need to get off my @$$ (or back on it) and work in this some more!

The main reason I’ve been procrastinating so badly was that I really want to render a good quality version of this before I move on, but such a render is like, 30 mins per frame! Were talkin’ 10^2 Samples of ambient Occlusion, OSA at 16, 800x600 resolution, not to mention a morbidly high poly count! multiply that by 3000 frames and you know I mean. Oh, yeah, and maybe some bonus footage.

I want to do it right this time :slight_smile:

To answer Bandar’s question, the materials are just some shiny reflective things, a halo or two, and the eyes are just blue with noise. Nothing fancy. Add that to a few lamps and some AO, and there you go!

Pretty cool! I think the falling animation could be tweaked a lot, it doesn’t seem like he has any weight (this is the first fall btw). The later one seems a little better. Otherwise I think its awesome.