Animation but not rigging problems. Second animation so it is probab pretty basic.

Successully animated this very short first run to see if it worked ( it did.
I then went back to tinker, added frames, textures…what not.
Did not delete lights or cameras.
Now when i go to render either image or animation all I see is a full black screen.
it looks normal in the blender ui, looks fine in wireframe, texture, solid.
The fluid bakes render.
But can’t render to image or animation.
Can anyone please advs on how to fix or what I am doing wrong?

Yes I have a camera, yes on lights. yes it did render fine yesterday.
Yes did do an internet search. So far no dice.
Did find a individual that had checked ““duplicate” on the anim panel”. did not find duplicate or what he meant by anim panel.

d’ho…forgot about adding the file
but now when I go to add my blend file it won’t upload. Don’t think it is that big.