Animation Challenge #1 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: KUNG FU

Pure Entries




Kung Fu Guy vs. Big Gorilla





Okay, so, if you have ANY problem seeing ANY of these movies, post here IMMEDIATELY. This the very first round of this challenge, and we’re still trying to work things out. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you try using VLC as your video player…it can play just about everything. PLEASE try to use that if you encounter problems.

Also, if, for whatever reason, I have entered in incorrect or incomplete information for one of the challengers, please PM me right away and I will do what I can to correct the error.

Best of luck to all!

EDIT: Also, please remember, we want to judge the entries on animation skill and NOT MODELLING SKILL. The Weekend Challenge is an amazing arena in which to test one’s ability to model. Here, however, we want to improve the entrants ability to animate. That’s why we provide stock characters for people to use–modelling is not a consideration. Please keep that in mind when you vote. Thank you!

I voted for flippyneck. VERY well done, and really funny! I loved the quick, exaggerated movements. The timing was perfect. Even in the air there was a dramatic pause. The repeat of the guy’s little bow at the end (right before he was knocked down) really helped give him character. Which made it more funny to see him get clobbered. I laughed out loud. This one’s saved to my hard drive.

Great job to all competitors!


My vote goes to Modron. Although the animation goes beyond the original time limit, the first 10 seconds alone are strong enough to make it my choice. The dramatic leap followed by the little ‘bink’ on the nose is great. If this is a ‘warm up’ for a bigger project then it should be worth waiting for.

Kudos to Tim Formica for the most original interpretation of the theme; Kung Fu cereal, where can I get some?

I voted for FlippyNeck. Very clean, and well timed. All of them were quite good though I thought. It was interesting that so many of them had things fall on their head.

They’re all cool entries i specially liked flippyneck’s and Modron’s.
but I’ll have to go with flippyneck’s it was very smooth and the timing
was superb.

I went with zgump

Wow, great work everybody.

I look forward to the next one (maybe I will even have time to enter :smiley: )

I voted for flippyneck, but it was close. All were good. The only crit I have is the camera movement. It seems to lead the character, rather than follow the character in the jump and looks unnatural. But the character movement looks great.

Ovation for flippyneck, really good job. And so funny. I love legs position in the air. Really funny

I really enjoyed working on this challenge, loved to see all the other entries as well.

funny that both me and flippyneck had things fall down on our guys, though I think his anim had a little more style than mine.

I really love flippyneck’s entry. Smooth animation, and most importantly, comedy. Great stuff from all the other competitors.

I went with zdk1. very smooth animation. I commend modron and flippy neck. i loved yours too. Modron how did u get such great sounds and waht do u use to sync them to the animation?

thanks,…and to use blenders audio sync tools,…load a 16 bit mono wav file into the video sequencer with shift A, then, in audio buttons, press ‘scrub’, and then play it through once using ‘alt a’. then, when you advance frames using the arrow keys, you will hear the bit of audio that goes along with that frame, and you adjust your anim, or you can set up the anim, and sync audio samples to the desired frame, by dragging them ( g key ) in the video sequencer window. If you have any trouble with specific parts, ask in Blender General.
<edit> oh, and when your sounds are set up, you can export the audio, by pressing the ‘mixdown’ button in audi buttons. you may have to have ‘do sequence’ pressed, I can’t remember.

awesome thanks

cant see zbgumps’s dunnop why…

I had a problem too, in Windows Media Player (it kept crashing) but I was able to view it with Virtualdub

I thought zdk1’s animation was the most realistic and best captured out of all the others. The motions were smooth and quick, but most of all they were realistic and actually looked like kunf-fu. :wink:

And the winner is:

effstops 0% [ 0 ]
flippyneck 56% [ 23 ]
FriedBrain 7% [ 3 ]
Modron 12% [ 5 ]
Room335 9% [ 4 ]
zbgump 7% [ 3 ]
zdk1 7% [ 3 ]

Flippyneck! Congrats! Good work from everyone!

Thank you one and all.
mikejedw I’ve PM’d you my suggestion for the next theme. Hope it’s ok.

Flippyneck, Congrats!

This was fun. :smiley: