Animation Challenge #11 Entries CLOSED

This animation contest’s theme is:


The rules are here. Keep an eye on the file size and frame count limits!

Contest ends Thursday, Feb. 24th, at 9 p.m. Eastern U.S. time (Feb. 25th, 2 a.m., Greenwich Mean Time):

You can find the usual stock models here:

Or try these:

Remember, Keep It Simple! Also please post a frame grab for your animation. This will help keep voting straight and make sure all the votes go to the right place.

Not all placeholders at once :P.

If you need some ideas:

  • Take a closer look at a chemical reaction; Atoms which reorganise themselves
  • A high tech chemical factory
  • An explosion
  • Some aggressive liquids which ‘eat’ their way through something.
  • A research lab
  • DNA
  • etc

I thought this would be an interesting subject, but not many placeholders sighted. :wink:

I’m definitely exploring the DNA angle on this one.

I’ll have a go at this one.

It won’t be pretty though [!]

That’s cool. I worry people get too hung up on making these things look as good as the weekend challenge stills, yet animated. Just having a good animation, ugly or not, is really all that matters here.


i saw the topic and came up with an idea right away that i thought would be funny.
scince i used flash along with blender i know that it will break a lot of rules, but if i can get in great, if not it was still fun to make

flash/blender, 50sec, 1.7meg
Click Here to Watch

Thanks, Mike.

Couldn’t figure out how to get the direct link, but this might work temporarily:

The Test
165 frames, a whopping 6 seconds :stuck_out_tongue: , 1.1 meg

Just click on the little movie pic. :-?

Looks really good! How much of it was done in Flash? Is Flash just the container, or is it more than that? Either way, even if we mark it as an “open” entry, it’ll still be in the voting.



There’s mudpuddle:

If anyone else has other suggestions, please post 'em. I’ll start including links to free hosting options in the rules and contest announcements.

i rendered all the movements in blender and just imported those jpgs into flash, then i rendered all the heads in blender, cut them up in flash, and made movie clips in flash to match the voice.
your choice, open entry is cool with me just glad to participate.

Wu: you always manage to make me get to 95% close tp pissing myself. Great as always dude!


BgDM- hey its always an honor to hear you like my work, and also congratulations on becoming a moderator, any forum would be lucky to have you, but elysiun got you, right on! :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, here’s my first attempt at animation within Blender. (well, after the documentation tutorials anyway)

My first thought when I saw the topic was odd, and it rendered in an odd manner too. Essentially, what if you were playing pool with element atoms, for example Oxygen and Hydrogen.

I learned a lot about camera and lighting and the IPO curves, but I still wish I knew how to place lettering on the ball’s themselves, and make them actually “roll” along instead of translate across the tabletop.

My entry for this weeks challenge is
PoolChemicals making H2O

The image isnt making it in here for some reason, but its at

Arrrgh - Rendering desperately!!

Blender keeps crashing whan I sequence the scenes, so I’m going to have to render the scenes seperately and sequence the movie files instead.

I’m going to be a titch late on this one, sorry.

Yeah, I’ve had the most sucess rendering the files first and putting together the movies. You get a lot more flexibility with editing, too.

I’ll hold off for one more hour–the more, the merrier. Any objections?

Arrgh again! - One of my staff has taken me off site to configure an ADSL modem and I can’t get back to my office to finish.

That’s what I get for starting with 2 days to go!!!

I’ll try to post it as an open either here or in the voting thread.

Dont’ loose any more sleep - thanks though!

Bummer. Well, I’ll be happy to post an open when you get it done. Here’s my entry: