Animation Challenge #17 Entries CLOSED

The theme of this Animation Challenge is:

…That’s Impossible!

The rules are here. Keep an eye on the file size and frame count limits!

Since I was a bit late starting this one up, I’m going to extend the deadline by a whole week–that gives everyone two weekends to work! Contest ends Thursday, June 2nd, at 9 p.m. Eastern U.S. time (June 3rd, 1 a.m., Greenwich Mean Time):

You can find stock models here:

You can find free music (Creative Commons cc-by-sa-nc) at magnatune:

And you can find free sound effects (CC Sampling Plus license) at the freesound project:

If you need server space to post animations, try these hosts:

Remember, Keep It Simple! You can’t re-make the Incredibles–that would really be impossible! Also please post a frame grab for your animation. This will help keep voting straight and make sure all the votes go to the right place.

Good topic, maybe I’ll enter.

<EDIT>Hadn’t much time:

  1. Final exams
  2. I’m working on a 2D scrolling shooter

Ok I’m in


Aww… doesn’t look like my topic is too popular.

I had an idea-- what if all of a sudden gravity didn’t apply to some objects?

I doubt I’ll have time to do anything, so if by chance you have been inspired by this idea, please steal it. :stuck_out_tongue:


no, it’s a good topic effstops :smiley: , but i don’t have time :frowning: (F1 car)
and i don’t even know what the word “constrain” means lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Great topic ! I’m also in !

I have a question, I can’t seem to get sound working with Blender, so can I add that in a post pro app?

The rules only state that you can only use post pro apps for converting

Since there’s really no good facility in Blender for combining audio and video together into a single file (yet), you can really use whatever you want to add in the sound. I’ll clarify the rules on that point.

gnaaa!!! Something’s come up I am really really sorry, and was looking forward to the contest. Unless the deadlne can be Saturday, Unplaceholder :frowning:

I’m way late, rendering at the last mintue turned into a two hour affair, plus my hosting site seems to be extra slow today too, and I don’t see anyone else has posted completions yet.

Are you going to give another 24 hours on this one?

I could use the “tweaking” time, if you do. Playing with some of the new features of the sequence editor on 2.37 (or at least features I dont recall seeing before)

Don’t worry bout me, just hold the contest, I wont enter

Sorry I haven’t entered any of these for a while, but I’ve just had a baby (Well, my wife has really, but you know what I mean) and time’s been a little shorter than usual.

Hopefully in the next one or two, I should be back in!


Okaaaay, folks, we’ve got until 9 p.m. Friday (24 hour extension). Get 'em in!

Hmm, okay, what are the feelings out there? Should we extend until NEXT Thursday (June 9), or cut our losses and start a new one on Monday?

Maybe the topic was too broad? (I almost said too impossible)

My upload finally made it, so even if there’s none this week, I’m still posting.

EDIT: Have removed all the textures and colors, and fixed by scene transitions to better fit what I had in my head.

Now just waiting for to confirm the file upload is published.


EDIT: (Slightly after deadline, finally posted the file link)

I say make DracoFodder the winner, and he gets to choose a new topic and you start it on Monday

Oh sure (ha!) and I could pick “procrastination” or “dalliance” or “time just gets away from me” or something similar. :slight_smile: (all of which are problems I have)

I bet mikejedw has a lot better ideas than that.

Time Flies??

Why not make a topic like “When ________ Attack.” ? Just an idea.

As I said in my first post, I was very busy last weeks. That was the only reason I didn’t enter. Now a large boring vacation of three months lies before me, so now I have time to Blend.

So mikejedw, I’ll make an animation before the new deadline, if that’s what you decide about this challenge.