Animation Challenge #2 Entries CLOSED

This challenges theme is THE CIRCUS

That should open up the opportunity to animate anything from clowns to jugglers, fire eaters to trapeze artists, performing animals and more.

One note on the rules: The 10-second limit is gone. You now are allowed to submit works between 250 to 500 frames at either 25 fps or 30fps. The maximum filesize is still 4mb, so bear that in mind when you encode the final work. Also, the dimensions are still 320x240.

In addition, you now can encode in any format you feel works. Last time, we didn’t have any reported problems with viewing the results, so lets open up the possibilities and see how we do.

I’ll update the rules page to reflect all this. Good luck!

P.S. I may or may not participate as an entrant in this one. Lemme know how you feel about that.

Ed. Note – because of some confusion, the closing date will be Friday, Oct. 15, at 9 p.m., one day longer than the rules state. Get those entries in quickly!

…yeah i think you should participate also, even though you’re organizing
the challenge, the more the merrier…
I’ll most likely enter this one too If i have some spare time.

i have #IDEA!#

BIG! fat guy holder

Maybe I can get a vote this time? :smiley:

the circus?…that’s hard…but if life was easy…they would have been boring! so! TO THE CIRCUS MY FRIENDS! TO THE CIRCUS!

I GOT IT!!! I HAVE AN IDEA!!! keep me a place there! i’m so in! this is going to rock!..if i could make the right path…hmmm…to work then!

placeholder. I have a couple ideas for this one, try to see if I have time this weekend. any excuse to practice animation is a good thing :slight_smile:

sounds good. I’m in.

I think I learned quite a bit this week, and had some fun at the same time.

I wasn’t able to work out how to add audio in the sequencer, that will have to wait for another challenge I guess. I’ll leave it to you the viewer to use your imagination

1.25MB DivX AVI- “Doo-doo doodle-oodle oot doo doodle…”

Good luck everyone, looking forward to seeing the other entries

actually, not going to have time for this one, unfortunately. Have college visits and school projects…

(Why can’t colleges just accept me and not make me go through all this application junk :< :x.)

Sure just vote for yourself! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahah. Not a bad idea!


so when is the deadline? [!]

what’s the deadline on the animation challenge this week?

Uh… 5th Oct + 10 days = friday. It’s still ten days, right? (not that I’m participating in this round or anything)

EDIT: Uhh, that’s GMT+1000 BTW. Forgot I had the board set to local time. Sorry if that confused anyone :expressionless:

whoa, only 2 more days! I have been slacking! arg!

:frowning: Me too…

Don’t think I’ll be able to finish.


Oh, it’s technically supposed to be tonight, Thursday, according to the rules.
Since there seems to have been some confusion about it, though, I’ll push it for another 24 hours. Friday, Oct. 15th, 9 p.m. sharp!


My Entry. Spend maybe 2 hours for everything, which to me is not very long, so please don’t expect much.

“A Day at the Circus” - W/ SOUND (So turn on your speakers)

Please Copy&Paste or right-click “Save-as” (Sorry.)