Animation Challenge #2 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: THE CIRCUS

Pure Entries

fakeplastic [list:df569e8860]
“A Day at the Circus”



i get a error when trying to DL rage’s


Nm was able to get the file after i retried,

im going with rages it just had more motion to it.

Ok, sorry guys. I got a problem. Angelfire won’t allow a valid download of the avi.

Just a second and I will post another link.

Or does it work for you guys?


Ok, try this if the other one doesn’t work.

Didn’t have much time to work on my entry, so it sucks. But at least I made the deadline. I think making it a month challenge might be more appopriate. What do you guys think?

EDIT 2: Ok, that freewebs site has extremely slow downloads. Does anyone know where I can post my avi?

EDIT 3: oh, thanks for the mirror mikejedw…

Since there were some problems with both movies, I’ve mirrored them on my server. More mirrors are welcome from anybody who can help out.

Thanks for the mirror mikejedw.

My buddy has some problems with Avatars hosted on my site too, so it’s not all that reliable.

My Vote is for Plastic since I shouldn’t by rights vote for myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Too bad about the lack of entries…maybe next time.

oops I guess I’m not going to make it!,…however, I did make a generic rigged character, which i will gladly post for download, for future contests. as soon as I do some minor tweaking on him.

looks like rage the sage will get my vote. nice work gentlemen.

RageTheSage, you have my vote. Nice idea and a smooth anim. The whole animation could have been sped up a bit though; there was a bit of a slow-motion feel about it.

fakeplastic, not a whole lot of action but I loved the evil clown adaptation of the character model.

cool if you set Rage’s animation to loop is like it never ends LoL :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Man! Couldn’t finish. I have a lot going on Blender-wise…

Voted for Rage. The idea was actually pretty similar to mine! Nice animation overall, although the entire thing was pretty slow-- it looked more like moon-gravity than earth-gravity. I like how it loops!


is that just me or are you people always using the same characters…?
i voted for fakeplastic…he had sound!

there are two new characters in the animation challenge rules thread btw.

on the next animation challenge i would be happy to lend space on my site. I will be out of commission for about 2 days but i dont know the exact time, computer upgrade. My vote goes to rage the sage. I saw his animation earlier in the Finished Project Forum. I saw fakeplastics just recently. I saw that he didnt have much time but i felt Rages was more of a circus. Fakeplastics was more like a Stephen King Child book. Good job both of you.

Rage’s trapeeze kinda bothered be. It was on a different side in each shot.

This is on purpose. There are several models available here:

We encourage people to use these, if they want to, so that they can focus on animating instead of modelling. Also, someone mentioned that there are a couple of new ones available on the Animation Challenge Rules thread. Of course, you are always free to rig your own models if you have the time and inclination.

And the winner is…

fakeplastic 12% [ 3 ]
RageTheSage 88% [ 22 ]

Congrats to RageTheSage! I’ll be PMing you soon to get the topic for the next challenge.

Congratulations Rage. Good clean animation. I love the little eye twitch just before he is fired out of the canon.

(PS I voted for you, not just because I didn’t want to vote for myself, but also because you did a great job :smiley: )

I hope this contest doesn’t die out. I was just barely able to get im my entry. If i hadn’t, there wouldn’t have been any competition.

So guys, even if you anim isn’t finished, post it anyways. Put something together in whatever time you have, 1 hour, 1/2 hour, whatever. I would like this contest to stick around.

That being said, I won’t be able to enter the next contest, due to personal reasons, but will try to enter an many as I can.