Animation Challenge #24 Entries CLOSED

The theme of this Animation Challenge is:

Odd Jobs

The rules are here. Keep an eye on the file size and time limit! The rules have changed recently, with a now larger 6MB file limit and as many frames as can fit therein up to 1 minute in length. Of course, 10 seconds or so is the norm, so no worries.

Contest ends Thursday, December 15th, at 9 p.m. Eastern U.S. time (December 16th, 2 a.m., Greenwich Mean Time):

You can find stock models here:

You can find free music (Creative Commons cc-by-sa-nc) at magnatune:

And you can find free sound effects (CC Sampling Plus license) at the freesound project:

If you need server space to post animations, try these hosts:

Remember, Keep It Simple! Also please post a frame grab for your animation. This will help keep voting straight and make sure all the votes go to the right place.

I see those topics now and then, but they are not fun enough for me to start competing. I plan to enter one of these challenges again. Maybe next contest.
Just to let you know those contests have more fans than you might guess. :wink:

I don’t think its a fun factor for me, but I want to use the new animation system, but can’t bring myself to bring down a beta release to do it.

I am waiting for the next official Blender release before I jump to the animation contests again.

Sigh…just wish those fans would participate :wink:

I actually think that’s a lot to do with “odd jobs”. I’m probably going to enter this one myself.

I’ve been using the latest release candidate, and it’s great. Haven’t had any problems, and the new features are really killer.

The new particle system for hair is awesome, especially using the vertex groups for placement and speed. Suzanne the monkey head got all kinds of mohawks, beards, ear hair, etc. this past weekend.

Also, Shape keys have taken away my one major annoyance with Blender–now I can make face and mouth shapes much MUCH more easily.

The Modifier stack rocks the house in a big way.

Fluid simulation is insane, it’s so good.

The Armatures look really great. I’ve played with the demo for the new Stride bone stuff, and that’s excellent, too.

Basically, I’m trying to entice you into giving it a shot ASAP. Hey, worse comes to worst, you can always uninstall :wink:

I’ve got to finish building my latest desktop/laptop (got a larger hard drive… whee) and will be able to put both 2.37 and latest release candidate without cramping my optimum workspace.

We have until Thursday night. … Hmm, not much time but I’ll try.

I did not get my new desktop built yet (so this is still blender 2.37), but didn’t want ya to have to be the only one submitting an entry, Mikejedw.

Here’s mine:

“Special” Telegram Delivery Boy:

I was working on a much better face model using the tips from Stop Staring (excellent book), but I ran out of time, so I went back to this simpler model. Oh, well.

Sooo…who else is in? Anyone else need slightly more time? Let me know ASAP, because, now that we have two entries, I’ll close the contest promptly at 9 p.m. unless you plead for more time.


Very funny one, mikejedw. I should wait til I get home to play these, as bursting out laughing at work is a little distracting. lol

Question though, how do you put together your avi file? I note that even with sound your clip is very very small.

Granted yours is 7 seconds, mine is 14 seconds, but it looks like you’re not losing much in the video compression. Where as mine lost a lot of detail (IMO) and file size is markedly different – yours 225KB, mine 3.3MB!

I havnt gotten a method yet of attaching sound to my clips (exploring linux applications, currently going to try jashaka on my new desktop build soon as I get it set.) so right now I’m just using the “AVI jpeg” option within blender, and I keep bringing down the quality setting until the file size is more reasonable.

If I went low enough to get a 500KB file, I’m afraid the artifacting would be atrocious.

Transcode is great for this stuff. The command below requires you have mplayer installed in addition to transcode, but you can fiddle with it and use different decoders for the value of “-x”. I just like using the mplayer decoder because it plays EVERYTHING:

transcode -i 0001_0215.avi -x mplayer -p …/foley/burp02.wav -w 192 -o test.avi -y xvid -Z 320x240 -E 44100 -b 96 -f 29.97

the -p option is my sound track, -i is the input render -o is the output

You can also do two-pass encoding, which makes a file roughly the same size but with better quality like so:

transcode -i 0001_0215.avi -x mplayer -p …/foley/burp02.wav -w 192 -R 1 -o /dev/null -y xvid -Z 320x240 -E 44100 -b 96 -f 29.97

transcode -i 0001_0215.avi -x mplayer -p …/foley/burp02.wav -w 192 -R 2 -o test.avi -y xvid -Z 320x240 -E 44100 -b 96 -f 29.97

The first command produces a log that the second command follows to actually produce the file.

Hope this helps. Give it a try, and if you run into problems, post back the errors messages, etc.

No, I think it is a lack of ideas and creativity than so much the topics. Some people said the same thing about the last one, I think some just don’t like that particular topic and are being over picky, and if two in a row are to “unfun” to do then none of them are “fun” enough.

The fact of the matter to many people at elysiun lack the esteem and technical skill for such projects, sure there are a few, but they usually don’t particpate in AC’s.

Well, it’s my hope that the ACs will encourage people to develop those skills. I know I’ve learned a hell of a lot doing these over the past year.

As I say at the start of each contest, Keep It Simple! I really want to set the bar as low as possible so that newbies feel like they can try something out without feeling like it’s too hard to even attempt it.

What I tend to enter in the ACs is not exactly my best work, but stuff that I haven’t tried out yet (this time, it’s hair and shape keys). That way, when I do “real” work, it’s that much easier to get started. I hope other people will feel free to take the same approach.

You don’t lose anything by submiting a crappy entry, you just gain skills. And, as Napoleon Dynamite said, “Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills.”

New Animation Challenge here:

The topic is Squash and Stretch. Go nuts!