Animation Challenge #25 Entries CLOSED

The theme of this Animation Challenge is:

Squash And Stretch

The rules are here. Keep an eye on the file size and time limit! The rules have changed recently, with a now larger 6MB file limit and as many frames as can fit therein up to 1 minute in length. Of course, 10 seconds or so is the norm, so no worries.

Contest ends Monday, January 2nd, 2006, at 9 p.m. Eastern U.S. time (January 3rd, 2 a.m., Greenwich Mean Time):

You can find stock models here:

You can find free music (Creative Commons cc-by-sa-nc) at magnatune:

And you can find free sound effects (CC Sampling Plus license) at the freesound project:

If you need server space to post animations, try these hosts:

Remember, Keep It Simple! Don’t “stretch” yourself too thin!

Also please post a frame grab for your animation. This will help keep voting straight and make sure all the votes go to the right place.

Note: I’m ending the contest on a Monday this time and expect voting to last through Thursday, just like the Weekend Challenge. The next one will start on a Friday. This way, future challenges will still be 10-day contests, but people will now have two weekends over which they can work instead of just the one.

What do folks think about that? If it works out, I’ll add the change to the official rules.

sounds great, I might try this one as I finish school today

Squash and Strech Conveyor Belt
An wacky invention
Full Screen version:

Submitting early because I am leaving for christmas weekend,

Merry christmas to all of you!

I really appreciate this theme. I think our winners should consider doing more of the 12 principles of animation, because I think we all need to work on the basics. You can’t just dive into complex character animation without being able to animate cubes and such.


So, I didn’t really try to be creative with my entry. I’m just going for solid animation. (I want this animation to look more or less realistic…)

Here’s what I’ve got. This took around 3 hours, probably. Good luck to all entries!

I’m open to criticism- do you see anything wrong with it? Thanks much!


ok, mine’s rendering now, hopefully it will finish soon, so I can get it uploaded tomorrow,

I really, really liked that, effstops. It has a perfect mix of realism and cartoonism. If you wanted to texture some of that stuff, it might be improved even more.

gaar, I can’t get it to upload anywhere, I’ve tried 4 diferent places and none of them work.

I’ll try to find away around this though…


thanks to CGmoose and metalhed for server space

encoded with divX

everything else made by me, except for in the “thanks to”

(I even made the metal clunk sound file in audacity, by writing the sound waves :o )

Well I had some spare time over Xmas so I thought I’d have a
go at one of these challenges.

I didn’t complete half of what I set out to (particularly there’s
no sound and its only half the planned length), but hey but I had fun trying.

Here’s what I’ve completed.

I really like Alex_G’s animation -
I wish I could do that, but I’m still only animating balls!

hey thanks!, I really like yours too!

placeholdeeeer! i may not be able to finish it, but if i don’t make it, i’d like to show what i got anyway :smiley: may the world only speculate on what it will be! :Z

[edit] oh it’s closed already. Mm. %| [/edit]

it’s ok, I think there’s like an hour or so left to go