Animation Challenge #26 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: An Ornithopter (Flapping flight)

Pure Entries

friedbrain [list:f93dd220fc]


Long before we had our working realsize planes, many men perished trying to persue their wish to be able to fly. One model that never actually seemed to work is the ornithopter. But noone knows that once there was a working ornithoper, in the late 1500’s. This is what happened.

Non-Competing Entries

McSmiffy [list:f93dd220fc]
Mk XIIIc in action on test rig.


:frowning: argh i landed on page 2 at the entries with a anim, not orni gone wild but as good as the final version… did you miss it mikejedw, or am i really too late %| …
Nice entries everyone.

Missed it. The image in your post didn’t render for some reason, so I didn’t see the link around it. I figured you were going to post the link later when the full render was done. Sorry for the mix up. You’re in the poll now.

Hmm, I’m getting a 404 on scraze’s movie. I notice there’s a “v10” entry in his movies directory. Is that what you wanted to post or is there a “v11” I’m not seeing?

Edit: I went ahead and posted this link up above:

It seems to work. Nice job, scraze!

By the way, if there’s anybody out there who wants to enter these challenges but is having trouble compressing your movies to post online, let me know. I’m going to start writing a tutorial on the subject. The more test users I have for it, the more accurate it will be across systems.

wow thanks mikejedw, for being so thorough on the subject of missing files :slight_smile: it is indeed v10.avi that i should’ve been pointing at, i got it mixed up because the screenshot is from v11 :stuck_out_tongue: so thanks again :slight_smile:

And I think I’d like a tutorial like that, because my movie is 22 mb and actually, I wonder how many people will watch it just because of that.

Come to think of it - I’ll try some ways to get it smaller now 8) any tips mikejedw?

[edit: Yay! I used STOIK Video Converter 2.0 and now v10.avi is only 3.25 mb!]

Maaannn… I really wanted to enter this. Blah. School gets in the way of everything! Nice work people.

Two crits on all three of the participating entries: the wing flapping motions are both too slow and too limited in the range of motion. To be airborne, wings should beat FAST! Like, three, four, five times a second. Probably more, actually. A hummingbird flaps 60 times a second! And the wings of a pigeon, for example, almost touch each other at the top and the bottom. The wings have got like 180 degrees of freedom.


well, i think even with 3 or 4 flaps a second, my log wouldn’t get a lift-off. You really have to roll it off a hill and use a ramp 8)

NIce one Mikejedw.

You get my vote for helping those poor penguins fly North for the summer !!!

You are probably correct in regards to bird flight, but these are ornithopters. I liked each one of the animation concepts this week. (Hard to choose)

But, for mechanicals, I think each was pretty good in relativistic effect. Check out the top link at this site for examples

Specifically this one has actual flight and relatively slow flapping motion.

hey people, just because v11.avi isn’t working doesn’t mean you can forget clicking on 10.avi and sequentially not voting for me! :wink:

But alas, I have a vote :Z and it wasn’t me :smiley: your run is interesting, mikejedw and friedbrain - i’m curious for the final stats. I was thinking about getting more people to vote, since voting is somewhat a public thing, but it wouldn’t be as exciting as this -a few votes and mikejedw is ahead of friedbrain :smiley: wooh!

I’ve now removed the bad link.

hahaha instantly got 2 votes extra :smiley: thanks again mikejedw! You’ve been saving my ass… and of course it’s thanks to you that we have these animation challenges anyway :smiley: thanks thanks thanks!

And the high flyer is…
friedbrain 53% [ 14 ]
mikejedw 34% [ 9 ]
scraze 11% [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 26

Friedbrain wins! Congrats to fb and all the other contestants. Except that dude with the penguins. I mean, c’mon. Penguins are flightless birds. Flightless. Look it up. Yeesh.

New topic is up, by the way:
“Kicking An Object” is the theme.

By the way, if anybody’s interested in seeing a later version of the penguin/ornithopter movie, I’ve posted it in this thread:

Comments and crits are welcome and appreciated.