Animation Challenge #3 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Halloween

Pure Entries

mikejedw [list:e40975b9ab]



Ok, folks, here’s the thing…it took me only about an hour to whip up an entry there. It’s lame as hell, but it was fun to do and made me chuckle. So don’t worry about getting everything perfect, just jump into an animation and have fun with it…and then show it to the rest of us!

That said, I proudly cast the first vote for Modron–very nice work!


coolio iglesius sez: mikejedw.

While your entry is quite the amusement, mikejedw, I have to vote for Modron, as your animation leaves something to be desired (like, any physics at all) :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe the people who are saying this should be a month-long contest are right?

Oh, Lordy, is that all it lacks? I would say that it lacks quite a lot more than that (personality, fluidity, sense) ;).

Seriously, though, as truly awful as my animation is, please, let it serve as a reminder to anyone who had a slightly less crappy animation who did not submit–all entries are welcome! Even crap the host came up with late on a Friday night! It took an hour to get mine blended, rendered, and posted! If I had taken a few more hours, just imagine! Still, it is possible to put out good animations in just a short time. That’s the main reason that we’ve provided so many rigged models for peeps to use (by the way, MakeHuman is truly awesome–use its rigged model ASAP…There’s a reason MakeHuman won the Blender prize for best script this year.)

On a side note, thanks to Modron for his vote. My dearest wish is that you had better competition than my entry. Word.


What is this “sense” you speak of?

Not sure if anyone agrees with me, but I think these animation challenges need to over a longer period of time, at least a fortnight, and should have their own forum in the contest subsection.

Well, the forum subsection we have is pretty much here to stay, but it ain’t so bad, really.

As for the time period, I’d like to get a sense from everyone about this. Are there a lot of people who are almost getting their animation done, but not finishing in time? Or do we just need to promote the contest more? My worry is that entrants may be getting bogged down by making things that are too complex–simpler entries should be encouraged in that case. With all the rigged models we have now, simple things should be doable in 10 days. But let me know, everyone.

And the winner is…
mikejedw 18% [ 3 ]
Modron 81% [ 13 ]
Total Votes : 16

Congrats to Modron!

Thanks! I will message mike with the new topic. extra time is agreeable to me.