Animation Challenge #33 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Now That’s What I Call…MAGIC!

Pure Entries


Just to remind everyone, now that the forum software allows it, you may vote for as many entries as you like.

Also, apologies to Fweeb for not being able to display the thumbnail directly–the forum won’t allow me to show it. If you have it posted in another location, let us know, and I’ll make the correction.

very cool fweeb, I loved it.

Is it just me of has this poll been open for a while! - On with the next AC - PLEEZE !

I was just wondering the same thing. Oddly enough, the 10 second club seems to have come to a halt this month too.

Sorry for the delay, folks. Medical issues had me out and distracted for a bit. I’ll ping Fweeb and get the next topic going.

So Fweeb? mikejedw? What’s the new topic ???


Yep, this is offically depressing. The 10 second club looks like it’s as good as dead and gone and there’s no animation comp here either :frowning:

Of course the stupid thing is the subject will probably go up and for one reason or another I won’t be able to participate (Murphy’s Law and all that). For the record though, I think the subject should be based on the Super Challenge stoush - maybe.

pamtango’s reminds me of a Douglas Adam’s book… I can’t remember which one…

I think… uh… Dirk Gently!

Sorry folks! Medical, personal, and educational issues hit me all at once, and I got knocked out of the moderating habit. I’ll start the next one right away.